Good things

Good things

It’s been a hell of a day. I said goodbye to a Good Woman, stolen by cancer at the too-young age of 60. I was sitting here staring at the picture taken of her and her husband at my signing for SABRE-6, and … dammit, it’s just not fair. That much passion for life … it’s just not fair. I miss you already, Rhonda. I promise I’ll keep an eye on your heart’s love.

In her honor, I’m writing about Good Things. She always smiled, always found the good, always stood for what she believed in. I’m down, but I won’t stay that way. She wouldn’t want any of us to stay down.

So. Good things.

  1. My series, after all these years, has a name. The Eden Evolution Series follows Kerry Sheridan, the thoroughly pissed-off psychic assassin fighting back against the dark organization who built her, broke her, and owned her for most of her life. And now, the four-book series I’d initially planned just got a lot longer. More on that, later.
  2. The trailer for KLS-9 is an absolute thing of beauty. As soon as I figure out how to post it, It’ll be here on my website on the Lower Level page. If you’re reading this and you need a book trailer, find me. I’ll lead you straight to the wizardess Anna Mocikat who is stuck with me for as long as I’m writing books.
  3. The trailer for SABRE-6 is coming. Like, wicked soon. Tomorrow, actually.
  4. My story “Worldwithoutendamen” is on YouTube now! The illustrious Kyle Hester chose it as his inaugural Scary Campfire Story on his YouTube channel. If you can’t find it, let me know and I’ll shoot you the link. It’s a fun read that captures that creepy freakin’ story.
  5. My short story “Mirror Man” is out now in The Hollow Volume 5, an anthology produced by Breaking Rules Publishing. Something else really awesome is coming for this story, too, but (you guessed it) more on that later.
  6. I mentioned the Lower Level page, right? There’s a new perk that comes with subscribing to this loony little blog. I figured out how to sneak blog subscribers in the back door. No paying the fan club fee, no expiration, no nothing. You just have to put up with some sporadic blog posts. Not hard, right? I promise not to annoy you too much.
  7. I … dammit, I can’t talk about that one yet. I’ve branched into cyberpunk — you’ll find out why in October.
  8. One of my stories has been adapted into a script for a short film. No details yet, but keep your fingers crossed. I’d say more, but I don’t want to jinx it.
  9. I’m figuring out this social media stuff little by little. To celebrate, I’m thinking of nifty things like merch sales and maybe some giveaways. I’ll keep everyone posted.


It doesn’t sound like much, but for me? All of this is tremendous. I’m the first who’ll admit I don’t grind at my writing enough, and I’m working to fix that, starting with this post. Just think what I can do if I finally get off my ass and really kick it in gear.

More on that, later.

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