Train wreck a-coming

Train wreck a-coming

I’m a little cranked right now.

It’s going to be hard for me to keep names out of this entry. If you know me, you know who has pissed off my inner beast. If you don’t know and are part of the Writing Community, message me and I’ll holler back with information.

Indie publishing houses. I know you all are careful and do appropriate research before signing with one. You’re all amazing like that.

There’s one out there, however, whose true colors flared to life last night, and I’m glad I didn’t accept their repeated offers to join their ranks. I’ve cancelled my subscription to their magazine, and while I’m grateful for the short-story exposure … they haven’t paid their authors in months.

This house passed the blame for low sales and no promotion off onto the marketers (which were all fired) and the authors themselves. They owned none of their part in this.

“The marketers did nothing. The authors did all the promotional work.”

“The authors expected all the promotion to come from the publishing house.”

Wait. What?

What he says about the marketers and the authors is not true. I can back it up with pages upon pages of promo posts, promoting each other, and working their asses off to get the word out. I’m disappointed; I’d hoped this house would be different. It’s not.

To the honest and aboveground houses out there – thank you. You know who you are.

To this one? I’m on the front row to watch the fallout. I just hate it for all the authors who believed in them … like I almost did.

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