O Captain My Captain

O Captain My Captain

Ever had a bad boss?

Yes, you have. We all have. Over the years, I’ve had some serious examples of why I question mankind’s future.

One hated me because I had the audacity to have an Associates Degree in Absolutely Nothing, and kicked me out of her unit the first chance she got.

(Author’s Note: Joke’s on her. She sent me to one of the best supervisor’s the company had, and we’re still friends to this day.)

For far too long, I had a Muppet-voiced, sawed-off little Bitch Kitty with a Barbed-Wire Tail who couldn’t abide having an entire unit who was smarter than she was.

And then there’s one I refuse to name because I’m afraid she’ll pop up like Beetlejuice (her name strongly resembles a bra size – that’s the only hint I’ll give.) She was a drunk, pill-popping piece of work who didn’t think twice about screaming and cussing at an employee or even another supervisor. If you’re ever in the building when it’s empty? You can still hear her taking an hour and a half to put on her makeup in the mornings.

(Author’s Note: It didn’t help.)

And then, there are those bosses that remind you real leaders exist.

I’m not going to put her name in here because I didn’t ask permission, but … I want to thank her. I’d been beaten down for such a long time that just to be treated like I had a three-digit I.Q. helped renew my work ethic. To be told, “I know you can learn this” meant more to me than she’ll ever know.

She left the company yesterday and I don’t know when/if I’ll see her again, but I hope she knows how much I appreciate her, I hope she knows how much she did for me even though all I could do was draw a sad face on her goodbye card.

Real leaders exist. I have proof. And I hope one day I can take what she taught me and do a little leading myself.

I miss her already. Before I get sentimental and really wreck my reputation, I’m gonna go.

O Captain my Captain. Be proud I didn’t post the picture of you in your snowman coat; I still have it on my phone.

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