No Real Reason to Blog Tonight

No Real Reason to Blog Tonight

There’s no real reason for me to be blogging right now. I’m just still awake (not for long) and too lazy to put up the laptop.

In the spirit of full disclosure … I’m stuck on the current chapter of EDEN-1. I came here to babble and clear my head. I hope it works and I can make distance on the final (??? I’ll believe that when I move on to another storyline) book of Kerry Sheridan’s Saga.

I’m reflecting tonight on my English teacher during my junior year in high school. Judy Garner. A true teacher. She gave assignments and her classes followed them, but she accepted creativity with open arms. We were allowed to express our own individuality during her class, even if we acted like idiots. If my harebrained idea had enough connection to her assignment? I could do it. She encouraged all of us to be ourselves (within reason.)

What would you expect from an amazing woman who could speak fluent Middle English?

No, I’m not joking.

I don’t know what it’s like now, but the longer my school career wore on, I noticed the teachers were slowly becoming trainers. Do this, only this, and only do it the way the State tells you to. Don’t think for yourself. Don’t find other solutions. And for the love of all that’s holy, don’t dream. I hear tales of Common Core and I’m pretty certain the teachers are hamstrung now. I hope these young minds get a break in college.

I’m babbling. I should go to bed.

First, your homework is this: Find “Jeffty is Five” by the late Harlan Ellison. It’s an amazing tale about the innocence, the creativity, the wonder of a child, and the pain that comes from losing that spark. You’ll be enriched, and cry a little.


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