The Block Has Fallen

The Block Has Fallen

Reflective today.

I’m progressing on EDEN-1 again after a couple of months’ worth of writer’s block. All credit goes to John Wick 3: Parabellum. Seriously. Two plus hours of mindless violence did wonders for my thought process. Honestly? It’s a better franchise than people realize. Wick is a deep, well-crafted character, and Keanu Reeves brings him to life with a quiet sense of menace that I can only hope to bring out in Kerry Sheridan.

And yeah, the body count is pretty awesome.

So — SPOILER ALERT — I know how EDEN-1 ends. Unless the characters tell me something different — it ends in a fourth book.

I’m taking Dan Brown’s Masterclass online. For anyone who doesn’t know him; he wrote “The DaVinci Code.” I’ve only watched the first two lessons and already have ideas for three short stories. Mr. Brown is right; simple conversations (or, in my case, listening to one annoying little creature who talks in circles) can cause great ideas. I’ll link the stories here when I get them finished.

Wrote a guest blog post for Breaking Rules Publishing, and of course, forgot to copy the link over here. I’ll add it in another post.

Wow. This is random and rambling at its finest. What say I go ahead and wrap this up by saying:

  1. I’m writing again.
  2. I’ve got three short stories lined up.
  3. Masterclass is amazing — after Dan Brown, I’ll be taking one from David Lynch.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, EDEN-1 is calling.

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