Hey, it’s my blog, and I can mope if I want.

I encountered the phrase “Creative Misfit” this week. It’s really made me think. I’ve been struggling with “what’s my place on this virus-wracked blue marble” and I have to admit that even the title Misfit doesn’t, well, fit.

So I’ve adopted a new phrase — Creative Outsider.

It’s been like this since I was very young. I could move through virtually any group, but I never belonged to any of them. Fast forward to me being forty-toomuch, and I still don’t. I even work in two departments at the day job and don’t truly belong in either one.

I am a Creative Outsider. I can’t explain my process.

How long should chapters be?

They end when they stop.

How many beats are in this scene?

(insert confused Scooby-Doo look here) What the fuck is a “beat?”

How many words will your WIP have?

Uhhhhh … I’ll let you know when it’s done?

This can get frustrating for someone who wants to interact more. I don’t have answers. I have nothing else to offer other than my writing and the occasional rage-fueled rant. I go to work, I come home. That’s it. When the gods see fit to let my brain and the amount of time I have in the evenings work together, I write. (Which I did today — Natural Born Savior is almost done. I think.)

I really don’t have a destination in mind for this post. But the more I think of it, I may have to have a T-shirt with “CREATIVE OUTSIDER” on it. Y’know, just to remind me I don’t have to fit in with the group to churn out some kick-ass stories.

There’s more on my mind but — I’ll save it for later. I’ve got a “Lower Level Exclusive” idea for a short story I need to chase.

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