It never rains in southern california

It never rains in southern california

… and it damn sure doesn’t snow like this in Texas.

I never thought I would lose friends, even internet ones, over a snowstorm. But I’ve quietly unfollowed several who have laughed, made jokes, said things like “suck it up, buttercup,” and referred to us as “Silly Southerners” while people all across the state are without power and water, and have been for days.

People are dying, and they think it’s funny.

The temptation to write a Twitter thread for the ages is strong. I want so much to tell them to go fuck themselves with an iron stick. But, being the non-confrontational, “don’t engage in a battle of wits with an unsympathetic asshole” person that I am, I hit the unfollow button and continued on about my life. I’m glad they’re finding reasons to laugh during such an awful time. In the wake of a pandemic and a godawful winter storm, everyone needs a giggle or two to warm them up.

Just don’t expect me to be there when you’re doing it at the expense of people who aren’t wired to handle weather like this.

Hang in there, friends. The warm is coming.

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