IF ANYONE FINDS THIS (ramblings of a fractured mind)

IF ANYONE FINDS THIS (ramblings of a fractured mind)

My name is Kerry Sheridan.

If you know me, you know why every page has that as the first sentence. I’ve been forced to forget my name too many times. And I’m afraid it’s going to happen again.

This time, I won’t make it back to who I am.

This is all on me. My life has been nothing but a rising body count. My friend, my lover, my … it’s still so hard to say it … my son won’t be safe as long as I’m here.

I’m losing time again, just like I did when I escaped the Institute. It doesn’t make sense; I don’t know who’s taking the front. I only hope they’re listening to me, to “us,” and not to those bastards at Windhaven.

If you’re reading this while I’m writing it, please, don’t do anything stupid. I know the Senator tripped the suicide trigger before I shot him in the face. We can’t turn it off on our own, but we can ignore it until we’re done. WE ARE NOT DONE. Please, hold on. Whoever you are, you’re worthy of life, just like I am. You can choose. Please hear me. Don’t listen to them. Our time isn’t up. There’s a young life out there, and he needs us.

Hold on. We’ll get them all. I promise.

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